Russia Announces Compulsory Patriotic History Education for 7-Year-Olds

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Brainwashing the young, oppressing the brave and still sane citizens, making all talent run abroad, making all businesses that want to have a future shut down in your nation, accelerating the energetic independence of Europe, and making enemies on almost the entire planet while committing war crimes. Yeah…. good luck with that. Putin’s plan is absolute, in destroying russia!


Brainwash them young.


straight up nazi shit. greetings from Germany…


Kravtsov also said that from Sept. 1, schools will start each week by singing the Russian national anthem and raising the Russian flag. “A deep understanding of our history, and a respectful, thoughtful attitude to the great patriotic, spiritual and cultural heritage of the Fatherland enables us to draw correct conclusions from the past,” the Russian president said. Sounds like nazi germany.


Patriotic History is, of course, different from regular history