Saturn, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter will line up together this month in a rare celestial spectacle

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I swear, it doesn’t matter what continent I’m on, every time something cool like this happens it’s fucking raining where I’m at. Edit: was not expecting this comment to get any replies or likes let alone an award. Thank my fellow weather impaired friends!


“Wednesday april 24th” How many years is this gonna last


What’s the point of writing such articles if they don’t mention how rare the event is? How many hundreds/thousands of years will humanity need to wait to witness this again??


Sweet. Time for the astrologians to say “how does your science explain that!” Also to say how everyone ELSE is being silly because they’re misinterpreting “the stars”.


Can we all take a moment to appreciate ancient mathematicians actually plotting these planets orbit despite sometimes seeing arrangements like Jupiter – Venus – Mars – Saturn