Scientists have found Type 2 diabetics can add over a decade to their lives through simple lifestyle changes such as slimming down to a healthy weight.

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So this title…as someone who treats patients with diabetes every day, there is nothing “simple” about them “slimming down to a healthy weight.” It’s usually an immense challenge for patients to lose weight, especially large amounts and to consistently keep it off. In addition, studies have shown benefit in diabetes to almost any amount of weight loss, even as little as 4-8%. Which is a great early treatment target.


Ok, I read the paper. I won’t dispute the lower BMI = longer life conclusion. However… Where the heck did >10 years come from?


Well yeah… im type 2 and when i was 400 the doctor said if i reach 50 it will be a miracle.


What about already skinny type two diabetics? Do we automatically gain this extra life?


Mass amounts of the population that are overweight are not going to slim down, no matter what, until we address underlying societal problems. A big one is that none of our communities are walkable. You have to get into a car to get or do literally anything. European, Asian, etc. cities full of skinny people aren’t magical. They’re just walkable. Build the infrastructure that allows pedestrians to get where they need to go, and obesity will begin to tackle itself.