Sending a probe to Uranus labeled as top priority by space science community

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I know it’s tempting, but please remember Rule 10: No low-effort/meme/joke/troll/insult comments. Let’s celebrate that NASA might *finally* be returning to the ice giants – by the time UOP arrives in 2045, sixty years will have passed since the last visit in 1986 (!!) – without resorting to childish jokes


Must not … break rules … for stupid joke … >The space science community thinks the time is ripe to study Uranus in depth Oh … it’s ok, the article made it for me. >Additionally, when scientists look at planets outside our Solar System, ice giants like Uranus and Neptune seem to dominate the Universe. And yet, they are the only main planets in our Solar System that we’ve never orbited. This makes a great deal of sense, too, all kidding aside.


Top priority? What did they find? What has changed in the last couple of days…?


Renaming it to Caelus should be top priority. We deserve to have planets with matching names


Uranus is beautiful and would love to see it and its moons up close.