Smart Home Company Insteon Shuts Down Servers Without Warning

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When are people going to realize that (most) subscription based services like this are really limited to the end user? You are so tied to the company and when this happens, your out 100% I miss dumb devices.


They didn’t just shut down their servers. They straight up vanished over night. Phones shut off, executive team scrubbed from LinkedIn, it’s like a UFO came and disappeared them in a beam of light. The open source community already has solutions in place that let Home Assistant power their hubs for users that have been stranded. But what an asshole move.


This is why you don’t invest in products that require someone else’s hardware to work. The smart home can already be built and self-hosted at home.


If you follow Linus on Linus Tech Tips, he’s in the process of setting up a new house. He said this is exactly why you go dumb products for everything.


This is why you shouldn’t rely on cloud computing for anything you buy.