Social media has completed killed the intrigue, mystery and basically the point of high school or college reunions

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I didn’t go to either my 10 or 20 year reunions. From the pics I saw, almost everyone there still lived in a 15 mile radius of the school. They probably see each other while grocery shopping.


No one looks the same on social media as they do in real life, except me of course. So seeing them in person is still worth it.


Mate even before social media, I was never going to any of my reunions. If they were nice, I’m still talking to them.


I think reunions kinda killed themselves. Most people I know either couldn’t wait to get out of small towns that couldn’t accept them, peaked in high school and stuck around to be the next generation of drunks, or went to a school with a class size so large they felt like another metric and have no emotional attachment.


Everyone got fat and you’re not gonna fuck your crush anyway.