Someone totalled my brand new car today

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At the first instance of any lingering pain, discomfort, anything, get it checked out immediately. Don’t hold back on anything you want looked at or stuff that may feel wrong. Other than that, cars probably totaled, so you’ll likely just get an insurance payout for it.


Let your insurance company handle it. Make sure they provide a rental car. Not much else you can do right now.


You should consult auto/injury attorney. Car is the least of the problem. insurance should pay out for new car and rental. Injury however is another story, this is what gets very expensive (yours AND other party’s) insurance company will do everything they can to cut you loose from medical liability, and fighting that is not in DIY territory. do not ever sign anything that has hint of this bullshit. they might say, sign this, we will pay for your new car & rental. that’s first line any insurance adjuster would do. good lawyer will not only get you covered, but also will get you settlement on damages (pain, work loss, etc.) and they can do free initial consulting with minimal due diligence to find out if other party has sufficient coverage to pay out.


Keep detailed notes of phone calls ( time date who you spoke to ) appointments. Write it down as these details can be difficult to recall.


Strangely enough, this is the scenario car financiers use to promote gap insurance. Hopefully you’ll be able to replace your vehicle with no out of pocket costs.