Stop faith-healing evangelicals coming into your schools, FFRF has told a Texas school district that allowed a religious ministry to preach and proselytize students during the school day. Members of the ministry handed out bibles to students and attempted faith healings over them.

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Imagine if there was another group that preached and proselytized to students during the school day, handing out Qurans and prayer rugs to students, praying to Mecca, and attempting faith healings over them. They’d be ok with this, right? “Freedom of religion”, right? “Let the children decide”, right?


When I was in 8th grade a rock cover band played at a school rally. They said if you like to hear more and enjoy pizza, the school had organized an event the following week and bussed us kids to a church where they played. Soon after they played, they started talking about Jesus and invited us to their church. Texas.


This is why I am a paying member of FFRF.


This is just gross