Supreme Court rules against USAF officer who refused COVID vaccine on religious grounds | The officer previously took many other vaccines without religious objection. He is also in the military, which kills people in violation of the Ten Commandments and Jesus’s “love your neighbor” commandment

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In other words his religious objections were bullshit and they are starting to realize you can pretty much claim anything is your religious belief


>Colonel Dunn, who has received many other vaccinations without objection, said he decided that the coronavirus vaccine violated his faith after seeing President Biden speak about it, leading him to conclude that “the vaccine ceased to be merely a medical intervention and took on a symbolic and even sacramental quality.” >This was, he said, “akin to the ancient Roman laws requiring that sacrifices be made to Caesar.” LOL again


>She added that Colonel Dunn had exhibited poor judgment that justified his removal from command for reasons independent of his refusal to be vaccinated. >On being ordered to choose among being vaccinated, submitting his resignation or refusing the vaccine in writing, Colonel Dunn instead sent a one-word memorandum to a two-star general several steps above him in the chain of command: “NUTS!” LOL


>The court’s three most conservative members — Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito Jr. and Neil M. Gorsuch — noted dissents but did not explain their thinking.


Also cry me a river, quit being a bitch and take your vaccine.