The Christian obsession with rapture and the apocalypse could propel us into global nuclear war.

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Instead of doing all they can to fix the damage done to the world, they want God to give a reset while they get raptured up to be with the lord. It’s pretty fucked up.


One thing that has become abundantly clear to me over time is that christianity isn’t a religion of love. christians hate anyone not in their flock and i question how much they even like the people who are in it. Taking delight over the the thought of the world ending or nuclear war disturbs and disgusts me more than i can say but sadly it doesn’t surprise me anymore because i see how horrible christianity really is


This is one of the reasons we should not allow delusional people lead our country. Separation of church and state, not only needs to start being enforced, needs to include the members of congress, the supreme court, and the president must not be delusional. A person who believes mythology to be true = delusional


That would kinda suck. I would have to change my plans a little bit.


I agree, someone should post this on the political and Christian sub Reddit