The Four-Day Work Week: Is the US Ready?

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I’ve been working a 4-day work week (paid 5) for the past 2 years as my company started experimenting on it on a large scale (200 employees) and we’ve seen no drop in financial results, a decrease in stress (attested by work psychologists) and a massive increase in productivity. It just seems so unlikely for me to ever go back now, and I wish more countries and companies adopted similar policies.


In my industry a lot of people work from home, either part time or full time. Friday’s have become very very quiet.


The US working class is ready. Their employers aren’t.


I hate these questions because they have such wide interpretations. * Four days x 10 hours * Four days x 8 hours at 32 hours pay * Four days x 8 hours at full (currently 40 hours) pay


I’m all for it happening, but I’m worried american companies will try to use this to justify paying employees less, especially in the fast food and retail environment