This article discusses the need for philosophy to be taught in public schooling due to the rise in secularism

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I was in a philosophy club in high school. I don’t remember the structure of it too well, but it was very accessible, a lot of fun and popular. I believe our teacher would introduce a new philosopher and their kind of claim to fame idea, and then we would all discuss it. I ended up writing my extended essay (International Baccalaureate) on Descartes’ Discourse on Method. High schoolers can totally be introduced to philosophy.


We should start by teaching them symbolic logic and general critical thinking skills as early as possible. Without a firm foundation in both, most philosophy will just go in one ear and out of the other.


So just what is wrong with secularism exactly?


General philosophy is secularism.


Art can’t contribute to conversations of morality because only religious paintings have a clear enough message, and young people don’t want to see theatre. That’s two kinds of art, basically everything, so it’s down to philosophy (which includes religion, and Jesus is the son of god). This is a small sample of the sort of information you’ll get from this “essay” on the importance of philosophy