TIL Hannibal had only one eye after he crossed into Italy with his army. The eye was most likely lost due to inflammation.

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IIRC it was from crossing a swamp after they had crossed the alps. They were attempting to get behind a Roman army instead of going through it, he took them through the swamp, lost some men, and his eye got so fucked up he said fuck it and cut it out I’m fascinated by Rome, the Punic wars and it’s lasting effect, and Hannibal in particular. Our modern world could look very different if Hannibal had more support from Carthage


He went for a piss in the night and stubbed his eye on an elephant tusk


The 15th century Czech military commander Ján Žižka was known as “One-Eyed Žižka”, until he lost his remaining eye as well. But he still continued to command armies and never lost a batte.


Hannibal had only one i before he crossed into Italy too.


I saw a documentary that said it was from a bug bite