TIL that buildings so big they “need their own ZIP code” are very much real, however this is not due to the actual size of the buildings themselves, rather it’s the sheer volume of mail they receive. One example is the Walmart Headquarters, which has a unique ZIP code of 72716.

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FYI, us zip codes are based on mail delivery routes. So there are some that are very long and thin, because the mail man walks that way. It’s not a great way to divide up land, even by population density. It is very arbitrary. I was on a project to figure distances based on zip codes. It’s not really as easy as using their centers due to their odd shapes. This thread is another good example of this.


So now when someone tries to use the joke “Yo mama so fat she has her own zip code”, you can retort, “Yes my mother has her own zip code but only because of the sheer volume of mail she receives because she’s so popular” and you can own that bully.


Similarly, Smokey The Bear has his own ZIP Code, 20252. The only other person to get their own ZIP Code is the president.


The Twin Towers (NYC) used to have two zip codes.


Jester Dormitory on the UT campus in Austin has had its own zip code since it opened in the 70s.