TIL that erotic terracotta was mass produced by ancient Babylonians

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It’s funny how they always attribute these things to a religious purpose. It’s just porn. Imagine people in the future trying to justify all the kinks/weird shit people are into now as tied to religion.


Ahhhhh, the PICTURES are erotic. Got it. My mind went a very different – and probably more painful – direction.


>The precise idea behind producing these erotic scenes is unknown but there may well have been a religious purpose. Archaeologists never find dildos either, just carved religious fertility symbols that look suspiciously like dildos. Also all the erotic carvings about the size to hold with one hand are classified as religious symbols. In 5,000 years somebody’s going to dig up a dragon dildo, really look at it, and conclude that it must be the holy symbol of some forgotten plastic-worshiping fertility cult because it is impossible to imagine your ancestors as just constantly horny like modern humans.


I don’t see it.