TIL that Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game director behind Dark Souls and Elden Ring, was an account manager for a US company until he played the game Ico, which inspired him to switch careers to game design. He became the president of FromSoftware within only 10 years.

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Ico is a beautiful game


Please tell me there’s going to be another Armored Core before the world ends


Armoured Core is the best thing FROM has ever done. Fight me.


What an interesting person. Fascinating to read his background and interests. Also the fact that he is so immersed and brings such depth of varied interests to gaming is beautiful. Thank you for bringing the man to us. I hope someone writes a bio of his life at some point. Wiki – I’m sure – only scratches the surface. Wouldn’t we all love to follow this guy around for a day?


Ico used to be stoooooopid rare. Then they did a rerelease lol. Shafted collectors