TIL that Pope Nicholas III Orsini created a botanical garden in Vatican City that has been maintained for over 700 years.

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That’s 700 years longer than I’ve been able to keep a single plant alive. Kudos.


Yeah the Vatican is very beautiful and historically interesting. But like here’s the thing. The more you look at and think about the history of the church, the grosser it gets. It’s ridiculously opulent. Not that I believe in any of this stuff, but when you contrast that with what Jesus had to say about giving *all* your money to the poor to enter the best spot in the kingdom of heaven, a pretty strong case could be made that whoever the pope is at the moment is an anti-Christ.


i made a garden and it was only maintained for a week 😢


It’s nice to be able to sit back and enjoy your garden while you commit genocide around the world.😎


Didn’t Dante meet this guy in hell,or was that a different pope?