Treasury yield touches 2.91%, a level not seen since late 2018

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A 6-7% 30 year fixed is going to crush the real estate market. Just 3 months ago many on reddit including this forum were laughing at those of us calling top of the housing market.


This is coming fast. The 10 year has broken below its longer term (or above if looking at yields) its long term bull trend. If it confirms the high on the yields in the US treasury markets above their 2018 highs? This is were J. Powell’s glass jaw gets punched, if it in short order expresses itself as the SPX dipping below its 200 week moving average and risks setting into a longer term bear market in equities. If history is a guide, he will tap out with one good uppercut to the jaw. But, he has never been in the ring with inflation and somebody in the corner that is (for the moment) telling him to go the distance. Will it be different this time around?