Trump lawyer John Eastman is refusing to hand over 37,000 pages of emails to the Capitol-riot committee, report says

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All of these people are attempting to run out the clock on the Jan 6 Committee in hopes that Republicans take back the house and just shut it all down. If you’re not registered to vote, do so now. If you don’t typically vote in primaries, the time to start doing so is now. If you don’t typically vote in midterms, the time to start doing so is now. Elections have consequences and if you want to see this chucklefucks ~~he’d~~ held accountable you need to vote.


This whole process is very revealing of the legal system in general. This dude was ordered by a federal judge in JANUARY to hand them over. Its almost may and he hasnt done shit. If this dude was literally anyone else, he would already be in jail and he would be facing several years for obstruction of justice. Its fucking pathetic that they let this dude fuck around with no consequences.


So, has he been disbarred yet or will there be absolutely no consequences whatsoever?


Please, Garland. When the committee recommends bringing criminal contempt charges for these people, follow the recommendation. If you don’t, they’ll just do it again.


There is no client-attorney privilege in criminal conspiracies. An attorney providing advice in how to break the law is not acting in the capacity of attorney, but as a co-conspirator.