UK, US urged to impose travel bans on British lawyers accused of being ‘ enablers ‘ for Russian oligarchs

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If the lawyers have not breached any law, they shouldn’t be sanctioned. It sets a weird precedent, imo. Now if they are a part of the racket, then just arrest them. Edit – if these lawyers successfully abused loopholes in British law to represent their oligarch, then that should be applauded, as then the government has the opportunity to pass legislation to correct and close those loopholes or tighten legislation to prevent further similar lawsuits. Sanctioning these lawyers just because they did their job, which is literally to do the best for their clients, is a dangerous precedent. It would mean that all lawyers of high profile or deplorable clients (like pedophiles), would potentially reconsider their legal options to protect themselves, personally. Not good for due process in general. Edit 2- it is interesting that lawyers are being targeted and not judges who may have found in favour of the oligarch. Lawyers merely present arguments to the court. It is the judges obligation to correctly apply the spirit of the law, once the arguments are presented.


Can we impose a travel ban on every politician that went to Moscow for the Fourth of July?


Wait, what? Denying people legal counsel sounds like an awfully wicked thing. Even if they’re enabling them, that’s their primary purpose as lawyers. Now if the have involved themselves in schemes to break the law, that’s different, but we don’t ban their travel, we arrest and charge them and let them get their own lawyers.


Let’s sanction public defenders for being enablers of criminals while we are at it. Unless you can prove these lawyers did something criminal then these sanctions come of as a petulant response to the lackluster results of sanctions against the oligarchs.


There are lawyers who prosecute and defend even the worst of criminals, this decision, if taken it would be a sorry day for democratic and free world we all believe in and have fought for. Unless they have broken some sort of law, this decision would be autocratic and preposterous.