United States commits to ending “reckless” anti-satellite missile testing

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Makes sense. Now that the big players all know they can do it, they don’t need everyone else testing missiles and risking screw-ups that could take out global communications. Same thing happened with open-air nuke testing, once Russia detonated a big enough nuke everyone went “okay we gotta stop”. Otherwise it was just a matter of time until they irradiated the planet with fallout or accidentally created a big enough EMP to knock out power grids globally.


Specifically, the US military will no longer conduct “direct-ascent” anti-satellite tests, which means missiles launched from the surface of the Earth with the intent to destroy a specific satellite. The is a powerful capability that has been demonstrated to date only by the United States, Russia, China, and India. Since the 1960s these countries have conducted more than a dozen tests to demonstrate the capability to friends and foes.


Possible translation: We’re confident in our anti-satellite capabilities, so we’re done. We don’t want anyone else doing the same. Also, we launched something shiny and important that we’d like left untouched. K, thx.


What would actually happen if the knocked out all the satellites? Let’s say a nuke goes off and causes a cascade effect and eventually all of them are just billions of bits of fast moving debris, would that mean I’d have no Internet and my mobile phone would stop working? Assuming I’m in thr UK what would be the worst possible outcome for people here?


I’m thinking it’s more a long the lines of, “we don’t need to blow satellites up anymore, everyone knows we can do it, and countries that want to challenge us, read between the lines, we have better classified ways to disable your equipment without the flash.”