Up the Peak (2018) “15 Years ago in his prime he failed to reach the summit, now weighing over 400 pounds and at his lowest point he decides it’s time to try again, but first he has some work to do.” [00:06:08]

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That’s totally awesome. I’ve never seen someone look good at 300lbs. I was curious what you got down to on the day of the climb. Also why didn’t you make it to the top when you were in peak physical form as a younger man. Big props not many people can drop that amount of weight. Keep up the good work.


Great job! Can you say what caused you to, as you put it, give up on life?


What are you climbing next? Btw, jeans?? You did that in jeans? Lmao


Fantastic video and inspirational journey. You must be so incredibly proud of yourself and your transformation. I don’t know of many people with your level of willpower. A few years ago, I took a lesbian truck driver up to the top of Longs. It had also been her lifelong aspiration but she had been bullied by a homophobic loser and lost the confidence to ascend the peak. I had done the mountain the day before but was so eager to see her succeed that I volunteered to join her on her summit bid. She did amazing on the climb and it was the happiest day of her life. She had a willpower that I hadn’t seen previously as the Trough and Narrows were pushing her comfort zone to an extreme extent. She was bonking on the Homestretch but fought through it. One tough lady. So proud of her; her joy was infectious to everyone on the trail. Keep dreaming big to keep the inner demons at bay. What is next for you?


You’re a god damn champ. Well done dude. Keep it going!