US forgives 40,000 student loans, provides aid to 3.6 million more

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Would love to see: “US holds universities and colleges accountable for outrages tuition fees”


One problem to me is forcing every kid to think they need college. Every highschool shoves these college fairs down your throat and make kids feel lesser if they don’t go. So many of my friends went to do jobs they didn’t need a degree for. They also should be capping interest rates and making them more borrower friendly (no int charged till school over, not letting it accrue like they do now).


Y’all should read the article before posting your ignorant “socialism” comments


Treating symptoms while ignoring the root cause.


Should be noted that this is simply carrying out existing programs for borrowers who are in public service positions or who are low income. This is great news obviously for those who are eligible, but the headline could easily be reframed as “US government continues to do what it has been doing.”