US stock Z series—ZIM: One of the world’s largest container shipping companies with a dividend yield of up to 30%. What do you think of this stock?

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Trading at a forward p/e of around 1.2 right now. Expected yield for the next 4 quarters should be closer to 40%. The reason it’s priced like this is because the big money thinks that containers have run their course and don’t believe profits will continue. Personally I believe revenues will plummet in 2023. Though with a forward p/e of 1.2 does it matter? I have a small position in ZIM after having made oceans of money off them from may 2021 to feb 2022. Sold off the day after the ex-div, bought back in last week.


Love it. Continue to dca in. Around 85% of the way to my target total ownership. 2 year time horizon plan.


First Pump, then Dump


Good summary. ZIM still seems incredibly undervalued at this price level.


Intermediate holding OK. Still waiting for 1st dividend yet.