Warren says Democrats should go all-in against corruption to win in November and calls on Pelosi to do more

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It seems like a good time to go all-in against corruption, strategically. You’ve got more of the country paying attention to a foreign corrupt government than is typical. You have a wave of wanting to do the right thing and be a leader with this whole Ukraine invasion. You have a cautionary tale of corruption and oligarchy you can point to. You can play that for support with liberals who want to help countries, or more conservative people who don’t want to see the US get weakened the way Russia has. And you have some in Republican ranks willing to break with Trump over his love for Putin. So I think it’s a message you can make headway with. I can’t think of anything else in recent years that provided a better opportunity for Democrats.


Pelosi won’t do this. Instead she will throw progressives under the bus should there be big losses in the midterms, rather than accept any responsibility.


Going all-in against corruption would definitely be a winning strategy, but the Democrats have to clean their own house too.


Calling on Pelosi to deal with corruption come on Warren thats like calling on Trump to lead the country with a open and honest administration.


“We’re capitalists and that’s just the way it is.” – Nancy Pelosi