What is something that is normal but surprising when you first hear about it?

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The amount of people who wipe sitting or standing is nearly average. And each side when they find out about the other side is usually in wonder and awe at thinking about the gymnastics the other half must be doing to attempt such feats.


When someone you know dies


Cats don’t meow at each other. Only at us. They’ll growl, yowl and hiss at each other, but the meow is strictly feline/human communication.


A blue whale tongue can weigh as much as an elephant


My 4 year old was looking at some birds at a wildlife sanctuary and came running back absolutely astonished “The bird TALKED TO ME!”. It had never occurred to his mother or myself to say “Son, some birds can speak English.” It’d be like walking past a stray dog on the street and it casually mentions the nice weather.