what makes happy no matter how down you are?

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Friends doing some really dumb things or jokes to cheer me up.


Pizza. Pizza has never failed me. Pizza doesn’t yell, pizza doesn’t hurt me, pizza is never disappointed in me. Even when pizza is cold, it still makes me happy. When people talk bad about pizza, I get sad. I ask, What did pizza ever do to you?? There is only one bad thing about pizza. That is when you eat all of the pizza, then there is no pizza left 🙁


My cat




April is my hardest month for my depression and last week was particularly rough. I started ruminating when I was sitting on the couch. Then the rumination led me to just being angry at the world and I’m about ready to get up and just go drink my sorrows away when my dog Yoshi jumped up on the couch and farted on her way up. I will never not laugh at that.