What the weirdest place you have masturbated?

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When I was 19 I was suicidal. I went to go lay down on the train tracks and get run over. I got bored waiting for a train so in decided to rub one out while laying on the tracks. Post nut clarity helped me get off the tracks and get the help I needed. Edit: Thank you all for your kind comments and awards. I didn’t expect this to blow up the way it did while I was asleep. Here’s a bit more um, “clarity” for you. It was in the middle of the night in a rural area. No one saw me. I did see a deer and he was cool. A freight train would have come by. At that time, my home life was completely shitty, and went through a horrible break up at the same time. I spent 10 days in a regular hospital and 20 days in a mental institution. This happened over 20 years ago so no I did not film it. Everything is 1000% better these days and I have an awesome wife and the greatest daughter a dad could ask for.


On the roof of my parents house at sunrise on January 1st, 2000


In the school bathroom. I had a presentation later and I had a nervous boner so…


On a mountain. Open air. Looking at the view. It was actually awesome to be that free.


Principals office, I was on an in-school suspension and had to spend two days in her office to do my school work. I was also like 12 or 13 and was left 100% alone for like 5 hours of the day so yeah. That happened. Edit; TIL people think in school suspensions are blasphemy. Yes they were common in Canadian Elementary School in the 90s depending what you did and if you did not have somewhere to watch you while your parents worked.