What’s a subtle sign that someone is not a nice person?

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When they always “playfully” insult you, but can’t handle any criticism about themselves at all.


They keep reminding you that they’re a nice person.


Don’t mistake niceness for goodness. Some of the best, most morally consistent and forward-thinking people I know are also rigid & unpleasant to deal with. And some of the slimiest, most backstabbing sons of bitches I work with every day are nice enough to charm you into loving them. Niceness is a demeanor, goodness is a core value. But to the intent of the question – Being rude to service staff is the #1 way to lose my respect.


this is going to sound pretty weird, but hear me out: there usually two types of people, the “it’s their job anyways” and the “no need to make their job any harder” for example, if someone just dumps their trash wherever at a restaurant, store, etc. because “it’s someone’s job to clean it up”, they’re probably kind of a jerk.


Everything you say you’ve done they’ve done twice