Worldwide, 49% of COVID-19 survivors reported persistent symptoms 4 months after diagnosis. Fifty studies were identified in the review, and 41 were included in a quantitative synthesis, and 31 reporting overall prevalence were meta-analyzed.

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I haven’t been the same after getting that early on in the pandemic. Chest pains, headaches, cramp in calves, trouble sleeping, weird bowel patterns. This sucks as a 35 year old with autistic daughter.


I’m just not sure what to do with this information. The province where I live has adopted a strategy of “get it and live with it”, but all the science seems to indicate that there is a slew of known and potentially unknown negative consequences of getting it.


It would be interesting to see if vaccination plays a role, as well as the particular strand people are infected with. On the whole though I’m lucky to not have caught it yet working in healthcare.


seems like this one is related to the article further up about how folks are shedding covid in their crap four months after they stop shedding it in their breath.


I’m one of those. I had covid between the end of December and the first days of January. Wasn’t vaccinated yet when I caught it. AFTER healing from covid, i started feeling sick with all sorts of health issues, it triggered a cough, sinusitis, prostatitis ear pain and much more. I’m still suffering from those and other weird symptoms. I did the vaccine 20 days ago but it doesn’t seem to have helped in any way. I heard that Moderna is better in that sense, i don’t know.