what was the worst scandal of your school?

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The teachers were tired of cleaning wet grass out of the carpets so the school would put up portable fence standards that were painted red with a red flag on them to mark if the grass was wet. If the flags were up we weren’t allowed on the grass. The school had them for years, looking back I’m surprised it took so long for them to be used as a weapon, in order to stick into the ground the standards have a 5 inch steel spike on the end. One student had the bright idea to drive said spike into another students head, it was very serious, blood everywhere, the kid who got injured is now disabled.


Multiple girls accused same teacher of getting them pregnant, teacher is fired without investigation due to the sheer number of accusations, girls give birth, teacher demands paternity tests, none of the kids are his, girls admit to lying and make up story as revenge, teacher sues school, and most of those babies have grown up without knowing their biological dads. Some of them have claimed that the teacher bribed the lab that did the paternity test and threatened them into admitting they’d lied.


A dude stabbed someone in the lunch hall. Same guy later went on to murder and partially cannibalise his best friend. He was killed in prison, I think.


A teacher lost control of a class which just wouldn’t settle down, I don’t know to what extent, but it resulted in him storming out to get the (pretty feared) principal to intervene. Unfortunately before he reached the principal’s office, he collapsed in the staff corridor of a heart attack. He didn’t survive.

His son was in the same year as the class in question, just not in the same room. I can’t imagine what he thought about his peers for the next two years in the school.


Some kid in middle school threatened to bring his dads gun to school and shoot another kid. He was taken to the principal’s office and the principal took out his own gun, pointed it right at the kids head and asked him if he still felt like a tough guy. From what people said it was a fake airsoft gun another teacher had confiscated and they thought it would scare him straight or something. He told his parents. Parents filed a lawsuit. He “resigned” shortly after. Idk what happened after that.


Research shows for the first time that despite the efforts of UK policy makers, children from impoverished backgrounds, whether born in 1921 or the modern day, face the same prospect of earning lower grades and obtaining fewer educational opportunities than children from wealthier backgrounds

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Seems like a definition of a class society


I live in Canada and it was the same back then, wealthy friends of mine were not stressed by life at home so they could be fully concentrated on doing their things for school.

Meanwhile my mom was telling us not to eat too much since we were going to be a month without money…

But hey i should have studied more i guess


“Despite the efforts of UK policy makers to give their kids a better education than those who are poor, poor kids don’t do well.”


Anyone else confused by the title?


Does the research allow any conclusions to be drawn about the benefits or otherwise of the policy in place when I was young of the state buying places at private schools (“Direct Grant Grammar Schools”) which were awarded as scholarships following an entrance exam?


Whether 4am counts as morning or night depends on if you’ve stayed up that late or woke up that early.

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4am is always morning. You say “I was up until 4 in the morning” not “I was up until 4 at night”.


I consider 4 AM early morning

4-6 AM = Early Morning

7-9 AM = Morning

10-11 AM = Late Morning

12-2 PM = Afternoon

3-4 PM = Late Afternoon

5-7 PM = Evening

8 PM – 12 AM = Night

1-3 AM = Late Night


in finnish u just say aamuyö


4am is still 4AM. Its morning both winter & summer.


This also applies for the “Glass half full” saying.


If enough people decided to boycott paying taxes, the IRS wouldn’t have the capacity to handle it.

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You’ve already paid your taxes through your payroll. Most people are getting money back that they already gave to the IRS. Meaning they would just end up screwing themselves.


“What you gonna do, stab me?” – man who got stabbed


Do you think they garnish wages by politely knocking on your employers door?

Though I guess not earning money is one way to avoid taxes


I mean, that’s true of pretty much everything. “Consent of the governed” and all that.


Same thing applies to every law but the vast majority follow the laws, not out of fear of getting caught but because that’s how we flourish as a society.


What do you call a beauty pageant for still-borns?

Little Miss Carriage

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These beauty pageant moms are crazy. This past year, one mom was injecting her 8 year old daughter with Botox for beauty pageants, so the got arrested and she lost custody. The little girl didn’t look surprised.


If this joke was any darker the cops would have arrested it by now


Man this dark humor is like food, not everyone gets it


That is awful & I’m a worse person for reading that joke. But take my upvote!


LOL these jokes never get old


Christian healthcare insurance ponzi scheme declares bankrupcy, leaves people with unpaid bills

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That’s okay. All those victims need to do is make a Wealth Wish using Peter Popoff’s Miracle Spring Water!


I don’t get it. How can this be? They’re Christians, so they must be beyond reproach, truly honest and trustworthy people. That’s all that you need to determine good character, isn’t it?
Isn’t it??
But not really.


Why do devoutly religious people even want health care? Isn’t their disease a gift from their Lord? Aren’t they supposed to relish in the pain and misery so that their everlasting joy will be that much more liberating when they die? Aren’t they subverting and changing God’s plan by praying for something different? Perhaps God gave you cancer or your kid cancer because He needs you to learn something or He needs you in another realm and cancer is they way to get you there rather than a bus crash which would be quicker and unexpected so you might not learn the correct lesson. The sooner religious people realize the only reason for church to exist is as a social club the sooner they can stop falling for scams like this. There is no God, there is only Us. We need to take care of Us. We need to take care of our planet. You need to take care of your Self, your Family, your House and your Town. When we act responsibly we all win. Believing in a superpower to save you is irresponsible and dangerous. Look at the 50 million in unpaid claims, I’ll bet a good chunk is from diabetes, obesity, alcohol&drug use (might be some bullet wounds in there too). All behaviors not in alignment with the big J.


Religion and insurance. Are there two industries with less integrity?


It’s almost as if crushing any inking of critical thinking in order to instill and maintain an unswerving belief in a patently ridiculous and unhealthy mythology causes people to be prone to falling for any grift which uses that mythology as an in.


Does a long term plant-based diet actually supply enough nutrients?

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Much like eating non-plant based. You must eat intelligently to get all of the vitamins and minerals you require as a human. Plant based or not.


Well I’ve been vegan for a decade now. I get my blood drawn every couple years when I go to the doctor and they have always my full blood panel looks fantastic. I don’t even eat a whole foods diet just regular plant based with faux meats a couple times a week lol so yeah I’d say that plant based diets are fairly sufficient. I think like any diet though it’s important to be well rounded. I don’t think I’d be so healthy if I didnt eat so many vegetables or fortified rices, cereals, and milks.


Many vegans have proved it by living decades as vegans. Look at the country of India.

I am a carnivore though


If you know what you’re doing then yes. Just because you eat animal products doesn’t automatically mean you’re nutritionally getting everything your body needs you still need to eat consciously and do your research. Same goes for a plant based diet – be informed, think about what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. A plant based diet has many proven health benefits and when done correctly doesn’t pose any health risks.


Yes. As long as the diet includes adequate nutrients and has enough B12 (either from supplements of fortified foods).

If you only eat cola and Oreos then no, but likewise if you only eat string cheese and bacon bits you’ll be missing out on a bunch of nutrients too.


Putin signs decree to remove Russian stocks from overseas exchanges in huge blow to the nation’s billionaires

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Russia will never economically recover from this war. They need a full blown revolution or the military has to topple Putin for this to ever to improve.


Billionaires love going broke.


Interesting how he’s fucking Billionaires so they can’t go against him.


How about that dogecoin?


Are they still billionaires? 😂


Russia is deploying up to 20,000 Syrian, Libyan, and Wagner Group mercenaries in the Donbas, European official says

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I think Russia lost like 20k troops already. Are they trying to nullify the outcome by sacrificing non-russians? That would be the first…


Wagner group who recruits from white supremacist and neonazi movements, and syrian war criminals from the assad regime, fascist mercenaries joining forces, this will be great 🤢

Update: This mercenary market has been going on for 7 years, see: Syria, “Axis of Resistance“.

Also note that investors in the US have analogues to Wagner, like Academi (formerly known as Blackwater, founded by Eric Prince, who has ties to Trump and Putin appointee Kirill Dmitriev)


They’ve been arming separatists with Nagants and WWII gear. What are these guys gonna get? Napoleonic equipment? Leftover stuff from when the soviet army shot scenes for Waterloo


Imagine signing on as a mercenary to fight for Russia in 2022. I wouldnt put the chance of getting paid what you are owed at over 15-20%.


Deal of the century. Go die In foreign country for insane egomaniac who doesnt give two shits about you, while getting paid In monopoly-money aka rubles and maybe some turnips, if you even stay alive