A restaurant just randomly credited me $350?

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What type of AMEX do you have? I know some cards give out an annual credit statement for dining/travel. Some will use the name of your last purchase to credit you after you hit the required spending on that category


It might be the highlight of the day of the phone person if you called Amex…. “So, just making sure I am understanding, you want to dispute a credit?”


Amex sometimes will hit you with rewards as the last merchant as it’s like easier for their system or something. I love when Amex gives me money disguised as a gas station.


I would call them and ask. People might think it’s their mistake but keep in mind it might be a server that made a mistake and might have to pay it back or worse, gets fired. Do the right thing.


I had a sign up credit show up similarly on my statement against the last restaurant I had payed for, on the Amex Plat. I would call Amex to verify, since it’s most probably a credit. I’ve heard that sometimes they apply the credit before you have met the spend, and later on can retract it if spend is not met.