Christian healthcare insurance ponzi scheme declares bankrupcy, leaves people with unpaid bills

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That’s okay. All those victims need to do is make a Wealth Wish using Peter Popoff’s Miracle Spring Water!


I don’t get it. How can this be? They’re Christians, so they must be beyond reproach, truly honest and trustworthy people. That’s all that you need to determine good character, isn’t it? Isn’t it?? Shocked… But not really.


Why do devoutly religious people even want health care? Isn’t their disease a gift from their Lord? Aren’t they supposed to relish in the pain and misery so that their everlasting joy will be that much more liberating when they die? Aren’t they subverting and changing God’s plan by praying for something different? Perhaps God gave you cancer or your kid cancer because He needs you to learn something or He needs you in another realm and cancer is they way to get you there rather than a bus crash which would be quicker and unexpected so you might not learn the correct lesson. The sooner religious people realize the only reason for church to exist is as a social club the sooner they can stop falling for scams like this. There is no God, there is only Us. We need to take care of Us. We need to take care of our planet. You need to take care of your Self, your Family, your House and your Town. When we act responsibly we all win. Believing in a superpower to save you is irresponsible and dangerous. Look at the 50 million in unpaid claims, I’ll bet a good chunk is from diabetes, obesity, alcohol&drug use (might be some bullet wounds in there too). All behaviors not in alignment with the big J. Peace.


Religion and insurance. Are there two industries with less integrity?


It’s almost as if crushing any inking of critical thinking in order to instill and maintain an unswerving belief in a patently ridiculous and unhealthy mythology causes people to be prone to falling for any grift which uses that mythology as an in.