Does a long term plant-based diet actually supply enough nutrients?

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Much like eating non-plant based. You must eat intelligently to get all of the vitamins and minerals you require as a human. Plant based or not.


Well I’ve been vegan for a decade now. I get my blood drawn every couple years when I go to the doctor and they have always my full blood panel looks fantastic. I don’t even eat a whole foods diet just regular plant based with faux meats a couple times a week lol so yeah I’d say that plant based diets are fairly sufficient. I think like any diet though it’s important to be well rounded. I don’t think I’d be so healthy if I didnt eat so many vegetables or fortified rices, cereals, and milks.


Many vegans have proved it by living decades as vegans. Look at the country of India. I am a carnivore though


If you know what you’re doing then yes. Just because you eat animal products doesn’t automatically mean you’re nutritionally getting everything your body needs you still need to eat consciously and do your research. Same goes for a plant based diet – be informed, think about what you’re eating and why you’re eating it. A plant based diet has many proven health benefits and when done correctly doesn’t pose any health risks.


Yes. As long as the diet includes adequate nutrients and has enough B12 (either from supplements of fortified foods). If you only eat cola and Oreos then no, but likewise if you only eat string cheese and bacon bits you’ll be missing out on a bunch of nutrients too.