If humans could move faster than bullets, guns would become obsolete and swords/melee weapons would take over again

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I was gonna try to work that concept into a sci-fi book, the only problem was I never started writing it.


If humans could move faster than bullets, then humans would create faster bullets.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but when we look at physics: If I am running behind someone at the same speed and I shoot the gun, the bullet still has the speed I’m running at prior to propulsion. So when the propulsion does kick in, don’t the speeds just get added together? Would humans moving faster just make the bullets faster too?


It would be cool if humans could move at the speed of their own thoughts. This would introduce proper varying levels of ability. And this wouldn’t necessarily mean the most intelligent person would be the fastest either. In fact, the most decisive and unbound would be the fastest. Kids would likely be the fastest and you slow down with age.


They would just create better guns that shot faster