LPT: If a friend/family member is nice enough to let you stay at their place for a while, try and leave their house cleaner than when you arrived.

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I was always so worried we were imposing when we stayed at my in laws place for 3 months I tried to keep the place clean/cook (was unable to work at the time) because I didn’t want us to be an inconvenience and wanted to show appreciation for them allowing us to stay. Nicest compliment I got when we left from his mum, she said she would miss us and miss being spoilt with us doing a good bit of the housework etc. (to be clear, they never really asked us to do anything in particular, there was the odd, thing here and there)


i stayed at my brothers house recently on a “vacation” trip. he just had a new born baby and would wake up everyday early for work while his wife worked from home/took care of the new born. I work up early one day and washed their sink full of dishes. my sister in law felt bad and asked me never to do that again =/


And please, PLEASE, tell them how long you are staying.


It sounds awesome what you did for your friend, but i might want to add that i know some people that would feel humiliated if their “guest” cleaned up their place. That’s not all people but there are some people like that out there. Now as for my close friends and family i would 100% agree with you.