LPT: Tease nice, not mean. You might be a bully when you think you are being playful.

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This. In High School we saw a movie, one of those PBS “This is what happens if you smoke dope and end up as a prostitute”. A character in the movie made a derogatory comment to a girl but the delivery was so outlandish it was laughable. The whole class laughed. And I started saying that phrase as a joke to the girls in class. I thought it was all shits and giggles but three months in a girl just busted out “Stop calling us whores! We are not and it extremely demeaning!!!” Turns out they hadn’t found the line funny at all and didn’t really remember it. So me thinking it was all a joke we were in on turned out the girls in my class thought I had become a major leauge douchbag. But they had been smirking when I had been saying it. Laughing at something doesn’t make it certain you think it funny. And that’s why in the Will Smith slappening dont care when people say “he laughed at the joke”. If everyone around you laugh, you might still laugh even though you despise what is being said.


My family uses teasing to show love and intimacy. I only recently realized how toxic it is. It has been thee hardest habit for me to break.


If you’re an adult. Treat people civil. Tease is for bedroom. Everything else it can stand against you.