Netflix estimates 100 million households are sharing passwords and suggests a global crackdown is coming

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Netflix needs to realize that they fall into a category of services where the last thing they should want is people thinking about them. The minute they make subscribers consciously evaluate their value prop, they’re toast.


Subscription growth is slowing? Let’s raise prices again! Subscription numbers actually went down? Let’s crack down on all the families sharing accounts! Growth is gone, time to find a new N.


Cool so they are going to BlockBuster themselves!


The whole point of streaming was to stop paying TV providers way too much money for channels I dont even watch. Now theres 70 million stream services and everything keeps devolving back to what we hated in the first place. People gonna pirate.


The whole reason I pay for Netflix is because my mom uses my account and she wont subscribe to a service on her own. If I cant let her use my account, I wont have an account