Netflix Loses Subscribers for the First Time in 10 Years, Blames Account Sharing

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Account sharing is the only reason we have an account, period. They end it and they won’t get five new accounts, they’ll get one less and we’ll migrate over to another service.


I used to love Netflix I feel the content that’s added is just strange. Too much content from what feels like movies picked from the dollar store.


When you just up and cancel show after show after 1 2 or 3 seasons with no story resolution. You teach people not to even bother starting new shows. I know that has stopped me from starting several new shows because I was like “this looks good, so they are definitely going to cancel it after the first season, yeah not going thru that again” Fuck you netflix. Account sharing my ass.


Sure, password sharing is to blame and not greenlighting every mediocre show and movie pitched to them, *cancelling shows* after 2-3 seasons just because people don’t binge them in first 24 hours, and raising the subscription prices on a regular basis. ##`¯_(ツ)_/¯`


About to lose a lot more subscribers because of this. Disney is feverishly growing. Amazon just got the MGM movie rites. HBO/Warner just fused with the Discovery catalog. Meanwhile they’re losing popular IP’s, chirning out mediocrity & increasing prices consistently while blaming their current audience. The future for them looks grim.