Night shift workers – what’s the creepiest thing that’s happened to you while on the job?

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so, I work as a baker for a small bakery in a tourist town. I’m regularly at work around midnight most nights. I’m pretty close to the local strip of bars and clubs, so I hear late night party goers quite often, sirens a few times a night, people yelling, that kind of stuff. the weirdest though, which started out creepy but didn’t end that way, was when I opened the door around 4 am to someone knocking. the only reason I opened the door is because my boss had literally just texted me saying we might be getting an early delivery, so I thought it was just them. I open the door, and no ones there? I glance around, thinking they knocked and ran back to their truck to start unloading (which is common) and then suddenly someone steps out of the shadows looking like fucking slenderman. I panic, but hold it together pretty well, and once they got out of the shadows, it obviously *wasnt* slenderman. it was a just a tall, skinny girl. with no pants on. or shoes. and a shirt that obviously wasn’t hers. this poor girl then asks if she can borrow a phone. it clicks in my mind what could have happened and I tell her to come in. I let her use my phone, she tries to call her boyfriend, and tells me that essentially she came to after passing out and didn’t know where she was and I was the only light on on the street. I didn’t ask what happened to her, but she was saying something about pulling a fire alarm earlier (drunk people, am I right?) and she was hyperventilating over the cops being called on her, so I didn’t call them. her boyfriend never answered the phone, but I helped her figure out where her hotel was and luckily it was on the same block we were already on. I couldn’t leave to walk with her or drive, because I had a million things in ovens, but I actually gave her my phone with the place pulled up on google maps and the flashlight on and she walked there. made it back okay, showered and took a nap, and brought me back my phone later in the morning. she hugged me twice and thanked me profusely, and I’m just sitting there like damn, didn’t think I was getting that phone back, but glad it worked out okay. I dont know if she was sexually assaulted or just the type to strip when drunk or what, but she seemed okay after having been back to her hotel room. it could have gone a lot worse for her, so I’m glad I was the door she knocked on, but godfuck did she give me a heart attack at first.


I’m a travel RN, did a stint in Warren, Pa. worked on a cardiac floor but got pulled down to the CCU (critical care unit) and patient kept saying she saw dark figure in her room, standing behind door and staring at her from the corner. I assured her no one was there she was probably dreaming she said bullshit and I told her well next time she sees them ring her bell, bout an hour goes by I hear her yell and then her bell comes on. I walk to the room and right before I get there I hear the bathroom door shut. Thinking the patient is in the bathroom I walk in and she’s in bed and she looks at me and calmly says “she’s in the bathroom.” I open the door, no one there. Odd but I still didn’t think much of it. Patient wasn’t confused or on any mind altering meds. She insisted a nurse kept coming in and just standing there in the dark and staring at her. It was literally just me and another nurse working this small 6 bed unit. I thought it was weird but forgot about it then a few months later I get pulled down to that unit again. Middle of the night patient in the same room rings his bell, I go in and he says “what’s up with this nurse that keeps coming in and just standing there, who is she?” My heart sank and started pounding. It was the same room, same story, months apart. Insane. Got to talking to other nurses and they said that unit is def haunted.


I used to work at a movie theater when the whole clown thing was going on, was leaving around 1 AM and was parked in the parking garage, there was a person fully decked out in clown gear with a balloon, at first he was just chillen, but then when I got in my car and was driving away he started chasing my car


Not that creepy but I used to have to sneak past a dumpster diving brown bear to open the connivence store every morning.


I did overnight shift at a hotel, checking folks in and out and doing the daily audit. I was about four months pregnant with a doomed pregnancy and looked about 7 months pregnant. It was VERY obvious. About 2am, this guy comes in. I can still see him if I think about it and it has been years. Tear drop tattoo under his left eye. One gold tooth. He was wearing a wife beater with button down shirt over it, and jeans. He asked for a room and I started going through the normal questions. He suddenly reached across the counter and grabbed my right boob and squeezed it. I took a step back and put my hands up in defense and he smacked my hands away. I told him I was calling the cops and he made a move to jump over the counter. I ran into the office and locked the door. The cops came, but by the time they got there, he was already gone. There was no video of it because the VHS tape ran out every night around midnight and I wasn’t allowed to put another in until 5am. (Tells you how long ago it was!) Dumbass left his wallet and he didn’t live far away. He stayed in jail for a while. Never went to trial though because my husband at the time found him and beat the absolute hell out of him. Put him in the hospital, as I recall. That was my last night working overnight at a hotel.