People with severe mental illness, including schizophrenia, have higher levels of cardiovascular-related mortality compared to the general population, and that association has become stronger over recent decades, new study finds

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As someone with Schizophrenia I can understand why. A lot of days it’s difficult just to maintain a normal amount of activities let alone keep up a disciplined exercise regimen. It’s easy to fall into a chaotic mindset that leaves you low functioning physically and mentally.


Has to be at least partly medication based. Many drugs used to treat mental illness have lethargy as a side effect.


I wonder if relative poverty is also a factor. If you have a severe mental illness, you might have issues with maintaining consistent employment and it all just cascades from there.


A very high percentage of people with schizophrenia smoke cigarettes. It’s a big risk for heart disease. I’ve seen estimates from 60% up to 90%.


Schizopfrenia obviously causes Anxiety > Stress. Surely that has an affect as well.