Prayer is a fundamentally negative, harmful activity that literally accomplishes nothing. “Two hands working can do more than a thousand clasped in prayer.” —Madalyn Murray O’Hair

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Prayer is the mad mind pleading for its imagination to become real.


Where I’m from someone saying “I will pray for you” is a thinly disguised insult. And like OP said it’s quite arrogant and condescending. Oh look at me I’m so high and mighty that my prayers to god on your behalf will be answered whereas your prayers will not be answered because you are a heathen. I would rather they tell me straight up that they are not going to help me at all than lie to me.


Prayer is like masturbation. It feels good to the person doing it, but does nothing for the one they’re thinking of.


Prayer only benefits the person doing the praying. It calms the mind, like meditating, and then they can say they did something for you without doing anything at all.


As someone who finds meditation helpful, I find prayer, or the meditative recitation of a mantra, one of the few religious practices I could consider beneficial.