Rant about this Strongly Evangelical Christian kid that I sit next to in my world religions class

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Please show me the same respect I show you by not pushing your beliefs onto me or disrupting our class.


Ask him if he lets the holy spirit of god fill him every night, because that’s mad gay bro


I hate how aggressive Christianity makes us question basic boundaries and tolerate bad behaviors we wouldn’t otherwise.


He’s an indoctrinated child whose social behavior has been stunted by his environment. We allow children liberties – we don’t get offended if they puke or pee or speak in tongues while sitting on our lap. When he grows up, he’ll put away childish things. Or not. He’s harmless, except for voting and serving on juries and raising his own kids.


Every time the subject of sin or hell is brought up in your class, shout “Hail Satan” with the same tone and volume he uses.