Research shows for the first time that despite the efforts of UK policy makers, children from impoverished backgrounds, whether born in 1921 or the modern day, face the same prospect of earning lower grades and obtaining fewer educational opportunities than children from wealthier backgrounds

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Seems like a definition of a class society


I live in Canada and it was the same back then, wealthy friends of mine were not stressed by life at home so they could be fully concentrated on doing their things for school. Meanwhile my mom was telling us not to eat too much since we were going to be a month without money… But hey i should have studied more i guess


“Despite the efforts of UK policy makers to give their kids a better education than those who are poor, poor kids don’t do well.”


Anyone else confused by the title?


Does the research allow any conclusions to be drawn about the benefits or otherwise of the policy in place when I was young of the state buying places at private schools (“Direct Grant Grammar Schools”) which were awarded as scholarships following an entrance exam?