Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman started ‘shouting’ at Biden’s national security advisor when he brought up Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal killing, report says

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They should bring it up every time.


> The prince told Mr. Sullivan he never wanted to discuss the matter again Well if you didn’t want people to bring it up, then maybe you shouldn’t have ORDERED THE FUCKING TORTURE AND MURDER OF A JOURNALIST, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT.


The Saudis are fascist, hypocritical, zealots who run their country like Germany in 1942.


Another reason I want to get off oil: so we’re not beholden to these pricks any longer.


Oh shut your goddamn mouth, Salmon. I fucking hate the fact we have a relationship with the Saudis. They help commit 9/11, fund extremists around the world, start proxy wars that devastate civilian populations and lead to further extremism, abuse their own citizens on a daily basis, but our government says it’s all okay because they like to buy guns from us, even as they continue to murder our workers and citizens. All those years in Iraq and Afghanistan, when the real threat was sitting right there laughing their asses off alongside our corrupt politicians.