Sinking of Russian warship raises tense questions about fate of crew

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Lots of them died and Russia is lying to the families. This is nothing new, most especially these last months


Russia says they lived. That means they’re dead.


Under Soviet rule, Russia would never release news of plane crashes. The only way people knew was a sudden increase in obituaries in the newspapers.


Tense? Is asking questions about carpet bombing suburbs tense as well?


I worked on a submarine, which I know is not the same, but there were seemingly benign events that could wipe out a crew. Big changes in pressure and temperature come to mind. For example, a steam rupture would kill the engine room in minutes. I don’t know what a missile detonating inside a cruiser would do to the crew, but this hull is cracked which tells me it was catastrophic for the ship. I would not be surprised if a shock wave killed most of the crew rather than the explosion itself Also, the video of the “crew” after the sinking does not look like a crew that narrowly escaped death, lost shipmates, and lost the ship. They looked bored, like they want to be somewhere else on a nice day. Guys are joking and smiling in the ranks. Looks like a uniform inspection to me.