State trooper who shot, killed New Haven teen in 2020 arrested

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Glad they paid him for 2 years before arresting him. /s


This actually happened right down the street from where I live. The statie had no justifiable reason to shoot the guy in the car. He had been completely surrounded in his car with all the doors and windows closed. This is yet another classic case of excessive/deadly force by a member of US law enforcement.


Tax payers have continued to pay for this officers salary during the two year paid vacation he’s been enjoying for murdering someone. It sounds a whole lot more like incentive to commit murder than a punishment for commiting murder. This is why cops will continue to behave this way. They are celebrated and rewarded for acting horribly.


Is there a video of this.


Senseless loss of life. Despite armed robbery (albeit a knife) and taking police on a high-speed chase, this man did not deserve to die.