Taiwan’s Legislature clears bill to upgrade national space agency

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Remember: America’s space program started out using ICBM boosters to send satellites (and people) into orbit. A good space program gives you the knowledge not only to launch useful satellites (comms, weather, broadcast) but to launch ballistic weapons. EVERYONE launching today started off this way. According to Wikipedia, 11 countries currently have the ability to launch domestically developed satellites on domestically built boosters into orbit. Taiwan, at this moment, only has suborbital domestic boosters (they work with India for orbital launches). So this expansion is the next step to build their own orbital capability. By sticking to small rockets, Taiwan stays under China’s radar, while growing native knowledge and manufacturing. So…spending money on space science isn’t any waste.


Breaking news from China, “China’s legislature clears the bill to upgrade national space agency.”


More likely to slow things down rather than increase it. Another layer of red tape and filing fees to try and get things done.


If I – a layman, unqualified Redditor – were them, I’d be spending more on coastal defenses.