The Christian group singing on the plane

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That’s one of the problems with Christianity. They are taught they need to go around spreading the word and converting everyone. It’s like the people that sell Amway or Herbalife.


I’d love to see their faces if a group of Muslims suddenly all began chanting prayers or The Satanic Temple started preaching secularism and handing out flyers. Too many American believers don’t even realise how offensive they can be.


I bet if i kissed a girl on that plane they’d complain I was indoctrinating the entire plane with my queer existence


It’s ok when *we* do it because *our* religion is the one true way, not like all those other heretics! – lots of religious people from different, conflicting religions


That was my thought, what if someone is trying to rest? What if someone just got their baby to sleep and they woke it up? A screaming baby in a tiny stuffy cubby would earn the buttheads a death stare and harsh words. Captive audience in more ways than one.