The judge who tossed mask mandate misunderstood public health law, legal experts say

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> “If one of my students turned in this opinion as their final exam, I don’t know if I would agree that they had gotten the analysis correct,” said Erin Fuse Brown, a law professor at Georgia State University. >”It reads like someone who had decided the case and then tried to dress it up as legal reasoning without actually doing the legal reasoning,” she added. This is what happens when you appoint folks who are not qualified


If you read more about the judge who tossed the mask mandate, you’ll realise this was more of a political statement than a judicial ruling.


Legal experts said she was not qualified for her job. Medical experts say she’s much less qualified to make decisions regarding public health.


What a crazy thing, a Trump judge misunderstands words. Shocked…


What else could you expect from a trump appointee labeled unqualified by the American Bar Association?